I stumbled on two amazing fumetti-related sites:  one, a French site that's a catalogue of many of the major titles, apparently published by a company called Elvifrance (now defunct), and the second the site of Elvifrance itself, a combination online gallery and catalogue of original art from the comics, much of which has already sold.  There's also a catalogue of complete sets of their titles for sale, but the only link was to an Italian-language Ebay page.   Elvifrance: http://www.elvifrance.com/index.htm

Catalogue: http://poncetd.club.fr/Seriestitres.htm

Elvifrance covers: http://poncetd.club.fr/images/couvertures/Lescouvertures.htm

I posted one of the better covers in the photo gallery (Files & Media tab).

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Another development:  through a forum returned on a fumetti title search, I found a French site that posts full scans and excerpts from many of the big fumetti titles.  You have to register to see the scans, but it's worth navigating the French-language registration pages.   Some of the artwork is really crazy and brutal.  The site:  http://bdtrash.forumdediscussions.com/Page-Editeurs-h5.htm

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