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Saw someone at work (Roxane?) using the still-attached box from which she had unrolled a length of plastic wrap as a brace to keep the wrap taut while she stretched it over a bowl of leftovers.  Genius!  I had always torn it off completely, held it in the air with one hand while I stabilized the destination with the other, then wondered how to apply it effectively (or at all) after it had crumpled in stickily on itself.

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I've seen this behavior, most recently I think from one of the ultra-efficient food handlers at Edelweiss delicatessen.  But I've never seen a non-professional do it. 

On a slightly different subject:  Cel. and I were talking about repacking our camping gear and specifically the need to streamline the kitchen supplies.  We decided we should break down our cooking routines, breakfast, lunch and dinner and package the routines.  So that everything you need for breakfast will be in one bin, lunch another, etc.  This would eliminate pacing back and forth between campsite and truck. 

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